American Indian Center of Arkansas


About Us

In April of 1977, the American Indian Center of Arkansas (AICA) was founded in an effort to provide improved services to eligible American Indians in the state.  As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, the Center operates with grant funding from the Workforce Innovations and Opportunities Act under Section 166 and donations.  Refer to the "FAQs: Services" page for a list of the services provided by the Center. 



It is the mission of the American Indian Center of Arkansas to establish a unified, flexible, accountable workforce training system for American Indians and Native Alaskans in Arkansas, implemented through the collaboration of business, industry, labor, and citizens, and characterized by accessible and responsible one-step career development networks.  The system will offer employers and American Indian and Native Alaskan workers a resource for existing and emerging occupations and empower participants to receive employment services as well as job specific training.



It is the vision of the American Indian Center of Arkansas to provide a coordinated workforce development system resulting in a educated and skilled American Indian and Native Alaskan workforce to meet the existing and emerging economic needs of Arkansas.  The framework whereby American Indians increase skills, and are afforded employment and economic opportunities by fostering programs that create economic growth and prosperity and strengthen the American Indian’s ability to improve their economic outlook, carry on their traditions and consequently strengthen their tribal communities.