American Indian Center of Arkansas


The American Indian Center of Arkansas (AICA) is looking to form partnerships with businesses in Arkansas in order to place our clients in high demand jobs. The AICA would like to place clients in industries that have a high potential for growth, and many clients of the AICA are willing to relocate. Employers looking to hire from this minority population can contact the AICA by using the contact information below or by sending us a message.

Wanda McGuire                                                                          Star Tippy
WIOA Case Manager                                                                   WIF Employment Development Specialist
Cell:  501-517-6740                                                                      Cell: 501-297-8885
Email:                                                Email:
Or call the Center at 1-800-441-4513 or 1-501-666-9032 and ask to speak with Wanda or Star.