American Indian Center of Arkansas


Frequently Asked Questions

What does AICA do?

The purpose of the American Indian Cnter of Arkansas is to make a positive difference in the Native American population of Arkansas primarily by providing services and partnerships that offer education, welfare, and employment services while striving to promote a fuller awareness of the benefits and services available by entitlement to eligible persons and encouraging the education of all to the history and current situation of Native Americans in the state of Arkansas.

For a list of services that the AICA provides, please see our Services page.

Want to know if you are eligible for services from the AICA? Please read the PDF below.

I would like to begin receiving services from the AICA, what do I need to do first?

Complete the application on the "Forms" page and mail it to the office at the address listed below or you can fax the completed document to 1-501-666-5875.  You can contact our office with questions or if you need assistance on completing the application.


American Indian Center of Arkansas

1100 North University, Ste 143

Little Rock AR 72207-6344

Phone: 501-666-9032 or 1-800-441-4513

General Questions:

How do I get my documentation?

The American Indian Center of Arkansas cannot verify your heritage or register you to receive tribal payments or other services.  To be eligible to receive services, you must provide the Center with a copy of your Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) or a letter from a federally recognized tribe.  CDIB's  and letters are obtained from your affiliated tribe.   If you are unsure which tribe you are afffiliated with, you will need to start asking questions to family members.  Good places to start are records of birth, death, marriage, baptism, adoption, and local newspapers where your ancestor may have lived.  These records could be found in churches, town, city, county, or state clerk units, newspaper archives, and libraries or book mobiles.  Librarians and genealogists can be very helpful pointing you in the right direction. 

How do I contact one of the tribes?
Many tribes have their own website.  If not, contact numbers and addresses can often be found with a web search.  Contact information is provided below for a few of the larger tribes found in the Oklahoma.  You can also use the search bar to help you find other options online.

Just what are the services that I will have access to if I am eligible?

The AICA offers services focused on securing job placement and training, as well as a range of supportive programs such as help with child care and transportation.  Click here for a more thorough listing, or hold the arrow over "FAQs" and click on the name "Services" when it pops up to the right.