American Indian Center of Arkansas


AICA Success Story

Ben McGuire


The American Indian Center of Arkansas assisted Ben McGuire financially while he was majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Arkansas.  Ben said that it would have been much harder to get through college if the Center had not helped him pay for books, tuition, and parking.  In addition, the AICA sponsored Benís senior design project where he worked with a team of students to build an off road vehicle that they raced competitively at Washington University. The AICA donated money to help build the car, which otherwise would have been funded completely by the students.  This hands-on experience was a fun way for Ben to put his engineering design skills into practice.

Ben earned his mechanical engineering degree in December of 2011, focusing mainly on using computers to three dimensionally model designs. Ben is currently employed by Parker Hannifin, where he uses the computer modeling skills he gained in college to design mobile cylinders that are used in dump trucks and forklifts.  He is “definitely happy” about this job, hoping to move up in the company and eventually gain his Professional Engineer certification. Ben seems content with the track that his life is on and he is grateful to the Center for helping him achieve his goals.