American Indian Center of Arkansas

AICA Success Story

Cassandra Larney


    Cassandra Larney grew up in the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. When she moved to Arkansas she was looking for better ways to provide for her family. Cassandra learned about the American Indian Center of Arkansas through her aunt, who applied for services from the AICA sixteen years ago. Thanks to the AICA, Cassandra’s aunt was able to find employment with the Arkansas Highway Department and is still employed with them today. Cassandra decided to follow her aunt’s example and apply for services from the AICA.  Since that time Cassandra has been attending school at Pulaski Tech and is on track to become a Registered Nurse in two years time.

     Cassandra is very grateful for the services that the AICA provides. The AICA staff has given her invaluable advice throughout the academic process and she said, “They are always willing to help with questions about school, jobs, or even if you just need someone to talk to.”  Cassandra receives financial assistance from the AICA while she is in school, which is very helpful when looking after two children. She is also appreciative of the Christmas gift that she received that was paid for by donations to the AICA. She has already recommended the AICA to other Native Americans in similar situations.


   When Cassandra finishes school she plans to return to her home town of Seminole,
Oklahoma. Cassandra wants to work as a nurse for the Seminole Nation because “my ancestors helped get me where I am today so I feel that I have an obligation to help the elders of my community.” In addition, she said, “I want to help those younger than me because I would like them to take care of me when I am old.”  Cassandra believes that giving back to the community that raised you is one of the most important things in life and she hopes that she can serve as a role model for futur
e generations.