American Indian Center of Arkansas

David Evans

Driver for Werner Enterprises

Participant in the Workforce Innovations Fund Program



David found himself stuck in a dead end job and feeling helpless. He contacted the American Indian Center of Arkansas and expressed his interest in becoming an over the road truck driver. In order to do this, he needed to obtain his CDL. He was not able to get the credentials on his own, with his income at that time. The American Indian Center of Arkansas under the program Workforce Innovations Fund Program (Powered by the Department of Labor) was able to send David to school at MidAmerica Truck Driving School. He obtained his CDL License in six weeks and was hired by Werner Enterprises immediately after getting his License.


David and his family relocated from their small town in Central Arkansas to Fayetteville Arkansas to be closer to his work site. The Workforce Innovations Fund Program assisted them in this process by helping with deposits, rental assistance, moving assistance, and more. This was the helping hand that David and his family needed in order to get on a path headed towards success.


One year later, David is still employed by Werner Enterprises and doing amazing. He is able to take his family on the long trips with him. He has almost tripled his pay from one year ago. He has obtained the financial stability that he was searching for when he first came to The American Indian Center of Arkansas seeking help.   The Workforce Innovations Fund has helped turn this family’s life around. Without the help of this program, David Evans and his family would not have had the support or been able to obtain the credentials needed to achieve the goals that he has since crushed.