American Indian Center of Arkansas


In Memoriam

Cody Guerin

March 26, 1984 - November 13, 2010

         On November 13th, 2010 Cody 

           Guerin tragically died in a

          car accident.  Mr. Guerin had

         been a success in every sense of

          the word.  He will be missed

AICA Success Story

Nicole York
Mississippi Choctaw
We sat down and asked Nicole a few questions to get to know her better!  

Q:  What is your name? 
A:  Candice Nicole York

Q:  What is your job title?  
A:  Employer Outreach and Development Specialist for The American Indian Center of Arkansas

Q:  How long have you held this position? A:  Since August 1, 2017

Q:  How did you acquire the position?  
A:  I was a participant in the WIF Program in Mississippi, and my case manager helped me to apply for jobs out of state.  I applied, and landed the interview!

Q:  What program were/are you on?  
A:  I was on the WIF Program.

Q:  Describe your experience on that program? A:  Being a participant on the WIF program has been life changing.  It provided me with the financial means necessary to relocate to accept the position with The American Indian Center. Without the WIF Program, I would not have been able to accept this position.  These programs are here to help Native Americans, young and old, to accomplish their goals and to make their dreams a reality.

Q:  What would you say were your biggest strengths before entering the program?  
A:  My strengths are my experience and the fact that I am a people person.  I have spoken to groups of 1000 plus people and stepped into my community to host events and trainings. I love to help and encourage others.

Q:  What kinds of barriers did you face before coming on the program?  
A:  My biggest barrier was that I did not have the financial means to leave my area in order to obtain a better position.

Q:  Would you recommend the program to others? Why?  
A:  Absolutely, because it is a major support system!  There are so many positives about being in the programs offered.  You can obtain training, education, resume help, and so much more through the programs. Everyone is always looking for a way to push to the next level, these programs are available to us so use them!