American Indian Center of Arkansas


AICA Success Story

Pat Sky-Eagle Reedy 

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Michigan

Pat Sky-Eagle knew that it was time to make some changes when she realized that her low wages would not be enough to sustain her family as she became the sole provider for her daughter.  She realized that to make it in the job market at a higher salary, she would need to add a few more options to her skill set.  With a little advice from a friend, Pat ended up at the AICA looking for some help in getting on to that new career path.

    She found all the help she needed and more at the center.  The AICA offered encouragement and constant support as Pat made her way through a profitable radiology degree at National Park Community College in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  After graduating in June of 2007, she is now a Radiology Technician at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She reports working full time with benefits, making enough to provide for her children and her disabled parents.  Pat said that her life situation is "excellent now, paying all [her] bills and standing on [her] own." She is even considering going back for another degree in the near future.   Pat also said "none of this would have been possible without the help from the center."